Do you have a lot of wood waste in the form of disposable pallets, boards, crates etc? Then we have the perfect solution for reducing the volume of wood. To reduce this volume we have developed a palletbreaker. By processing the residual waste with this recycling machine, the wood volume can be reduced by up to 80%. This results in a space saving in your warehouse or company premises. DSC offers 2 different types for realising a volume reduction.

Type Python
The Python is the most affordable shredder of its kind. The advantage of this machine is the large input of 1300 mm. The wood is broken and ground by means of the screw shredder principle. The machine is available with a motor power from 7.5 KW which enables it to process 50 pallets per hour. (Depending on material/size)

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    DSC Python 1300

    Compact shredder with a feed width of 1300 mm.

    DSC Python 1600

    This pallet breaker stands out due to its extra wide feed and stronger motor.