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Our company specialises in developing and selling all types of recycling machines. Whether it is metal, wood or plastic . Dutch Shredder Company always has a suitable solution for reducing recycling volumes.

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For the reduction of wood waste, we have a fully ‘in-house’ developed palletbreaker in our range. 

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Have you seen a suitable machine and do you want to finance it? We have various quick and inexpensive financing options. 

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Made in Holland

Our fully in-house developed palletbreaker is manufactured in the Netherlands. Maximum quality for a competitive price. Want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us.


Would you like to purchase a recycling machine? The Dutch Shredder Company is the specialist.

In the year 2021, reusing or recycling materials is an integral part of an optimised business process. A large number of production companies have to deal with waste consisting of, for example, metal, plastic or wood. Many of these materials can be reused. By using recycling machines, various, sometimes compulsory, ‘green’ certificates can be obtained. This offers many advantages and is also socially responsible.

The Dutch Shredder Company came into existence due to the continuing demand for recycling machines. Our expertise lies in selling and developing the machines. We have a suitable solution for every situation. A nice development is the Python and the Hyena series for reducing pallet volume. This machine, which was developed entirely in-house, can reduce pallet volume by up to 80%. We also have various metal recycling machines in our range.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for reducing volume or recycling materials? Please feel free to contact us.

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